Finding the perfect wedding ring

The sheer variety of wedding rings on offer may confuse you when you are out to choose the perfect piece for your partner! What kind of wedding ring should you get? Should you go for delicate pieces or more practical designs? What metal should you opt for?

How to choose the right wedding rings


Decide on what you can afford to spend on your wedding ring. Have a reasonable estimate in mind and try not to go over the top! You’ll need to decide between platinum, gold, titanium, silver or even diamond rings – and a budget will help things along right at the start!

Think about your lifestyle

It’s not just about your budget of course. Your lifestyle will be a deciding factor too! For instance, titanium and tungsten are tough metals. If you have a way of life that involves a lot of physical labor – these would be better choices for you. All metals except tungsten will scratch with use, of course. So go for a finish that can be re-polished easily.

Your lifestyle will also decide whether you go for intricate, delicate designs or practical and hardy options. A wedding ring that is delicately designed and encrusted with precious stones may be a good option if you are not into rough and cumbersome work. But if you’re into mountain climbing as a regular activity- you might want to rethink that delicately crafted ring!

The shape of the hand

Whether you are choosing the ring for yourself or your partner – it needs to be in keeping with the shape of the fingers and the hand! What are we talking about? A slender hand or fingers would look better in a wedding band that is slimmer – about 5mm or less. If your fingers are broader in shape, go for wider bands.

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Find out more about the precious stones and the metal being used for your ring. You’ll make a more informed decision that way. You will also have a better idea about the costs involved. You don’t want to secure a ‘bargain’ diamond ring – only to find out you paid a hefty sum for a cloudy and yellow version!

What’s more, not all precious stones can be used on wedding rings. That’s because some, like Opal, may be too delicate for everyday wear.

The comfort factor

Weddings rings are meant to be worn round the year – so the convenience factor will be all important when you are considering the best ring for your partner. Make sure the ring does not have sharp edges. You should also ensure that the inside of the ring curves softly. This will make the ring sit easier on the finger – and will, therefore, be more comfortable.

Finding the perfect wedding ring