How to sharpen your knife at home

A sharp knife is not only efficient but also safer to use than a blunt one, especially when in the kitchen. It is not mandatory to hire someone to help sharpen your knife when it loses its sharpness. Sharpening your knife should not be a daunting task even if it is your first time to do so. You can check the sharpening system reviews and choose the best one.

Here are simple but helpful tips on how to sharpen your knife at home.

Use of wet stones

ddhg674The use of wet stones is considered one of the oldest and most effective methods when it comes to knife sharpening. The basic idea behind this technique is maintaining a consistent angle when sharpening the knife. You need to sharpen the knife at the same angle like it came from the manufacturer. Most of the knives require sharpening at an angle of 20 degrees on each of the sides. You can use this angle to sharpen both the kitchen and other knives in your home.

Use of Sharpening Rods

There are different brands of sharpening rods out there. When looking for the best sharpening rod, it is wise to look at the quality of the products on the market so that you can make an informed decision at the end of the day. Spyderco sharpmaker is among the best sharpening rods that you can buy for your use. If you are serious about sharpening your knives, then these rods are a perfect choice for your needs.

Use of Mouse Pads/Sandpaper

Sandpaper and mouse pads are a cheaper and effective knife sharpening method that you can embrace to keep your knives in good working condition. You only need to affix the sandpaper to your mouse pad and then draw the knife along the same. It is good to ensure that you maintain the right angle if you want the knife to be properly sharpened.


Pulling through Sharpeners

Sharpeners are also among the most commonly used method of sharpening knives. They can be used outdoors. However, this method is not recommended because it is likely to pinch the blades of the knife leaving them in a pathetic state.

In conclusion, knives need proper sharpening from time to time. Sharpening a knife makes it effective as well as safe. Although you can hire someone to help fix the knife, you can sharpen the same from the comfort of your home. Some of the important sharpening tools you need include sharpening rods, sandpaper, and wet stones among others.

How to sharpen your knife at home
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